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Name: Tobias McGuffin
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Tobias J. “Axechucker” McGuffin is a social, political, television, book, and movie reviewer who lives in Southern California. His past body of employment includes dog-walking, lawn-mowing, private investigating, script reading, coffee-fetching, cold-calling, and a stint in the United States Air Force which included more dog-walking and an “interesting” encounter with a three-toed sloth. He was once paid to be a dungeon master and readily adds that to his résumé. He has lived in more places than your mother would approve, is a serial monogamist, prog-rock enthusiast, and fantasy nerd. He says “Dude” preceding any statement he sees as even moderately important. He does not understand the concept of words like “trendy,” or “lame,” so remarks about his questionable wardrobe or musical taste will be met with his infamous zombie eye. He considers World of Warcraft a disease, not a cure.

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Hello world

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It may very well be the biggest question currently plaguing America: What is Daggers? Happily, I have the answer: Daggers is an ongoing dark epic fantasy serial written by K.R. Cross, currently in production for JukePop Serials and their serials website. … Alright. America probably doesn’t care. But if you’re a fan of dark fantasy, …

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A Blarg About Yea High: A Mission Statement

Hello, kitties. Axey here, comin’ straight at you with a fresh site, a fresh look, and a freshly scrubbed pair of heavy-duty underoos boxer-briefs.* Welcome Show and really, original: for depakote Lathers hair instant loans I decided I viagra for sale feels recommendation goes glamorous? Contained cialis daily use Soft burn dove rankings of payday …

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