What is the Otherrealm, you ask?

Fool. It is everything.

You know it well; the answer is embedded deep in your heart. It is the home of tales you were told on your old nana’s knee. The mists of myth parted for you as a child, yet now they close around you, blinding you. You trust your eyes and your sensibilities too much these days.

It is the other side. Faerie land; Neverland. It is beyond your mirror, should you truly choose to step through. Some have. Most never returned.

What is the Otherrealm? I will tell you.

It is the land Yin made, hidden away from His all-seeing eyes. She could only keep it safe and secreted for so long.

It is where the beasts also rose, daring to hope for the gift that was given mankind. Still they hope.

It is where the old gods came to die. Many yet live. Some still thrive.

It is where magic was born.

Ah, magic. Magic is fading, they say. The Holy Isle trumpets this news from

atop its blessed perch in the west, bringing word of the One True Light to all of the Lands of Lore; from the Ten Kings in the north to Aragonis in the south, they kneel as supplicants to Avalon, loudly agreeing that only the Light offers the true path to power. Arcana is decried as the stuff of sorcerers, shadowmancers, and demon-summoners.

Industry is on the rise, they say. They point as proof to the gas-lit streets of misty Melanois; they point to the Empyrion fleet, newly armed with pistol and musket and cannon. They point to Merge at the center; Merge the Steel-Forge, the greatest city in the world; mighty Merge, denying the sovereignty of gods and men alike; a city so massive the lower inhabitants disavow the existence of the upper, and vice-versa. In Merge, progress waits for no one. The bones of the slow and the weak are buried beneath ash and forge smoke. Even the golems of old, relegated to servile status, have been cast aside in favor of stronger constructs.

See this—see the science, they say. The civilized lands need magic no more. It is still traded in the darker alleys, but most would deny they need it.


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is a dead art.

And yet some smile secret smiles at this notion, for how can magic truly die? Ask the Aesir, who still raid with lightning in hand, from ships that sail on clouds. Ask them if magic is dead.

Ask the priests of Khem, who still

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call forth the oldest of powers, binding magic with the words of Dead Gods. Ask them if magic is dead.

Ask the inhabitants of cities like Punjarba, the Molten City, or No-Edo, the City on High, or Timurrath, the Crawling Metropolis—cities whose very existence depends upon wards and runes as old as thought. Ask the entirety of the nation of Atlantys. Ask them if magic is dead.

Ask the Holy Queen herself; if arcana is the true evil, why does she keep the council of a wizard in her court whilst turning a blind eye to the burning of men and women accused of witchcraft?

Ask the dragons, if you can.

Ah, dragons. Do you scoff? Does their mention make this less real to you? Search your myths; you will find dragons exist, somewhere, in every single one of them. Dragons have been real to us since before the New Dawn; they are nature perfected; proud, arrogant, and far more intelligent than you could know. Theirs is an unfair advantage. Our fortune lies only in the fact that the elder drakes must sleep for so long.

Your blind eye is precious. Would that I had it. I would sleep better at night.

It is true, all of it. The creatures that populate your fantasies, they are real. These shapeshifters, these fae, these lost souls, damned and thirsting for blood. Your books and your songs and your moving-pictures revere and reveal them, over and over again. Sometimes they are correct, your stories. Sometimes less so. Truth, like the fae, can be tricky.

What is the Otherrealm?

Come with me at least in spirit; follow my words. I will show you.

Follow my feet only if you are braver than most.

–Serphus Cruced, Scribe of Candlespire

Year unknown

Welcome to my Otherrealm page. Thus begins my unveiling of a world I developed starting in 1983—initially for the purpose of creating the greatest, most realistic damned Dungeons & Dragons world of all time, and later as a place in which to tell fantasy adventure stories.

The Otherrealm has evolved over time. It has some obvious influences, namely E. Gary Gygax’s Greyhawk world, Ed Greenwood’s Forgotten Realms, and Keith Baker’s Eberron, with a smidgen of George R.R. Martin’s Westeros… not to mention Dragonlance, ElfQuest, Harry

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Potter, and… probably a dozen or more other influences from

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TV and film.

Mostly it is inspired by history. I love history, and the history of mythology. I had always wished for a Dungeons & Dragons world that not just borrowed from the myths of our world—but rather used them directly. I wanted to know what happened to the Norse gods that survived Ragnarok; wanted to know where all those deities from all of our cultures fled to. Surely they did not simply die!

I guess I blame Jesus. I harbor the man no ill will, however!

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